Iran, the Authoritarian Bloc and it's intervention in Bolivia

May 8, 2021

Both countries have convergent and similar geopolitical, economic and ideological interests

Santa Cruz, Bolivia May 8, 2021 ( - Bolivia and Iran share a very close and unusual relationship, both countries have convergent and similar geopolitical, economic, and ideological interests, they imagine the West (US) as the enemy to be eliminated, and this is not an assumption, since they have said it openly in Bolivia since 2005  and in Iran at least since 1979 with the take over of Ayatollah Khomeini.


In Bolivia, the economic and political base of the regime is in the area called "El Chapare", located in the tropic of Cochabamba, it is a place where Coca Leaf and Cocaine have been produced for decades. In fact, Evo Morales is the main leader of the 6  Federations of Producers of Coca Leaf of Chapare, and from there he jumped into political life.  The financing for the creation of the political party, Movimiento al Socialismo (MAS), came from the beginning of these so-called Coca Leaf Groups, and that's why nowadays Coca Production and its derivatives are in the political genes of the MAS regime. Of course, it must be clearly established that its political ideology has been lent to Indianism-Katarism, and disguised with a state nationalism so that the middle classes can assimilate it. Once in power, the regime showed its true color, whose nucleus is Aymara Nationalism. This Naturalism, which advocates the political claim of ancestral territories in favor of the Aymara and native peoples of Bolivia.


In summary, the MAS Party has resorted to Aymara Nationalism, and activated is immensely powerful and lethal when it is not understood and confronted. Universal history shows that wherever Nationalism has been used as a Political Ideology it has had a devastating impact socially and politically.


In summary, it is symptomatic that not only Iran, but also China and Russia are allies of Bolivia  These countries are very known for their practical and historical experience of the political power of Ethnic and/or Religious Nationalism, and both Iran and Bolivia are using this route successfully, in their own way and in their respective context.


Economic financing, political advice, geopolitical alliances, investments in the deposits of Uranium and Lithium, the exchange of visits in the respective countries, and diplomatic support in international forums, are only expressions of a Strategic Alliance at a global level of this Communist and Authoritarian Bloc.


This explains the application of State terrorism as a political practice, which includes the submission of the judiciary to the government regime, the imprisonment of opposition leaders or their forced exile; media terrorism that consists of the purchase or co-optation of the country's main communication media and the imposition of its daily political line;  Symbolic or Cultural Violence. This movement monopolizes and makes one culture -the Aymara- visible and removes 'Mestizo' and Universal Regional Identities, the economic asphyxia of businessmen for their submission or political co-optation, the imposition of a single thought, plurinational ideology, etc. All these practices and others are widely known and applied tactics and strategies with "success" in Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, and the central countries of the Bloc.


Bolivia is at a crossroads, from which it will not come out easily without a strategic vision of the situation it is going through, and without the help of the Free and Democratic World.

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Source :Agustin Zambrano

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