Opening of the 16th Cross-Strait Book Fair

Oct 16, 2020

The 16th Cross-Strait Book Fair (hereinafter referred to as the "Fair") opened in Xiamen yesterday. This is the first time to discuss the development status and future of Chinese publishing industry from the perspective of readers. The main venue of the Fair is in the atrium of Xiamen Xianglu International Hotel. The exhibition area is 3,700 square meters and the total area of the exhibition hall is 21,000 square meters.

Since its establishment in July 2005, the Fair has exhibited more than 9.9 million books, achieved book sales and purchases of 510 million yuan, and reached 3026 cooperation projects such as copyright trade. This year’s Fair brings together new books, best-selling books and excellent books from 400 publishers, including humanities and social sciences, reference books, children’s picture books, literary novels, life arts, business management, medical health care, natural science books, historical classics, etc. This year's themes of the book fair are full of popularity. The theme of “New Era, New Publishing and New Development", and the theme of “Coming together to fight the epidemic" have attracted the attention of many visitors.

On the premise of ensuring the prevention and control of the epidemic, the Fair concentrated scientific and technological forces to develop an innovative model combining offline and online. For the first time, a live stream room was set in the main venue, which made this year's Fair "Fashional". The streamer carefully introduced selected original Taiwanese excellent books to netizens in the live stream room, and also led netizens to walk around the main venue through the camera, enjoying the lively scenes of the exchange and signings at the Fair.

In recent years, Fujian’s cooperation with Taiwan about book trade, copyright transactions, and publishing industry projects has been piloted and progressed steadily. Xiamen has become the largest port for book imports from Taiwan. Many original Taiwanese excellent books were selected in the live stream room of this year's Fair to serve online readers. For this reason, the Fujian exhibition area has set up a key display area to show the achievements of Fujian cultural construction and publication results.

It is reported that since 2006, the mainland China has established many rural bookstores in more than 600,000 administrative villages, solving the problem of lack of reading conditions in rural areas of China for thousands of years, and providing a broad public foundation for reading for all. This Fair provided a rich and colorful spiritual and cultural food for the in-depth development of national reading. It also provided a window for the exchange of cross-strait culture and the inheritance and promotion of Chinese excellent traditional culture, which has far-reaching significance.


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