Physicians Offer Cutting Edge Treatments For Back Pain In Avondale Arizona

Jul 28, 2019

July 29, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Unity Physician Services has announced that they offer cutting edge treatments for back pain in Avondale Arizona. Dr. Thomas Morgan with Unity Physician Services says that their physicians stay up to date on all of the latest technology in an effort to bring their patients healthy relief from chronic pain.

“Chronic back pain does not necessarily have to be treated with surgery or addictive medication,” says Dr. Thomas. “There are a number of other methods that have proven to be very effective in bringing patients relief from their pain without the risk of invasive procedures or the threat of opioid addiction.”

Recent reports show that the addiction to prescription pain medications have taken over a large portion of the United States. Dr. Thomas says that there are a number of physicians who will simply prescribe pain medication without fully inspecting or analyzing the situation to see if there are alternative methods for pain relief. He adds that their physicians use a number of proven methods for pain relief that do not require narcotic pain medications to which patients can easily become addicted.

“Our chiropractors in Avondale AZ first evaluate the pain, whether it’s in the neck, back, legs, or arms, and then come up with a plan to treat that pain without using harsh methods,” says Dr. Thomas. “We find the root of the pain which can include sciatica, neuropathy, fibromyalgia, or any number of other underlying conditions.”

Dr. Thomas says that once the root problem has been identified, the physicians come up with a more natural treatment plan than prescriptions or surgery. These can include trigger point injections or low dose steroid injections, neither of which involve addictive medications. Other methods of treatments can include chiropractic therapy, medical branch blocks, epidurals, physical medicine, nerve blocks and other procedures.

“Our goal is to provide pain relief without adding to the problem,” says Dr. Thomas. “If a patient comes in for pain relief and all they are offered is the option for surgery or a pain medication, they are likely going to take the pain medication because they believe that it offers fewer risks. In reality, pain medications can be very dangerous because they do often become addictive and in time, even those strong pain medications will stop working because once a patient has been on them for some time, their bodies begin to adjust to them, so they are in pain once again.”

Dr. Thomas adds that these non-invasive techniques of treatment have proven to be just as, if not more, effective than surgery or pain medications and he says that they offer none of the risks that are associated with surgery or prolonged use of pain medications.

The pain management clinic in Avondale is committed to using only non-invasive techniques for the treatment of chronic pain. Many patients leave the office pain-free on their first visit, although the doctor says that the length of treatment that is needed will depend on each individual patient.

Dr. Thomas states that a pain-free life begins with a thorough evaluation and consultation. He says that during this initial visit, the physician will examine the patient, taking note of anything that could be causing their chronic pain. Once the reason for the pain has been identified, the physician will work out a treatment plan that will not include surgery or pain medication.

The staff at the clinic stay up-to-date on all of the latest treatments and methods used to treat pain more naturally. Dr. Thomas adds that these treatments are safe for virtually all patients and that their success rate is much higher than other, more invasive methods.

Those who are interested in scheduling a consultation for pain treatment can visit the clinic on their website, which gives more detailed information about all of the treatments and technologies that they currently offer. Those interested can also contact the clinic directly to schedule their first consultation with Dr. Thomas or any of the physicians in the clinic.


For more information about Unity Physician Services, contact the company here:

Unity Physician Services
Dr. Thomas Morgan
4765 S Lakeshore Dr, Tempe AZ 85282

ReleaseID: 60029567


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